Friends & Lovers Photography

Hi! I’m Chelsey, a Colorado native and lifelong shutterbug whose photography is fueled by my passion to capture life’s most memorable moments. I am a lover of arts & crafts and a self proclaimed DIY girl, with a Home Depot credit card to support my habit. I love raising chickens and gardening because growing your own food is the absolute best! Also, I think baby corns are the cutest vegetable and love a good heist movie. 

In my most favorite moments I’m either sipping cups of coffee with my partner, having one-sided conversations with my gorgeous hairless cat, or telling the stories through photography of loves found & lives lived…like YOURS, Friends & Lovers.

I think of a photograph as an heirloom– something that allows us to savor and revisit a moment for years to come. Looking through photographs slows us down and creates a stillness that’s hard to find in the digital age. When couples invite me to shoot their wedding or a first birthday, it is beyond special (you can’t see me right now, but I’m making all the indescribable hand gestures, trying to convey my love and gratitude that can apparently only be expressed in some kind of interpretive dance to a Tracy Chapman song). My job is magical and humbling, and I work to bring that same feeling to every photograph I take.

I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story!