Friends & Lovers Photography

Hey there!
I’m Chelsey a Colorado Native living on a little urban farm in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver! I love having breakfast with my partner, feeding my chickens from my hand, everything about my hairless cat, gardening and growing my food, doing diy house projects, making art on the floor, shoveling after a big snow, eating backyard dinners with our friend-family, and having weekend coffee dates.

I started my business in 2009 after I had returned from art school in British Columbia. Going through old photo albums had always connected me with the people and places I come from, and after photographing my first wedding for a friend, I was hooked preserving that connection for others. I mean, what’s not to like about being surrounded by family and friends all celebrating and dancing for the sake of love. I think of a photograph as an heirloom–savoring a moment and marking that moment as significant. Documenting peoples stories and knowing that these images will be looked at for generations to come is both incredibly special and humbling. It’s pretty magical.

I really love what I do and the relationships I’ve formed with my wonderful clients along the way.

I can’t wait to meet you and tell your story!