Friends & Lovers Photography


2017 was a year of change and unknowns and starting from scratch. It stared with saying goodbye to a home that I poured so much of myself into, a home I thought I would never leave. In doing so, I took a very big exciting step forward with my perfect other as we made a new home together. Even though we were tearing down walls and putting up tile we were able to travel lots–we even made it to Meow Wolf. I went on a trip to the ocean with my Grandmother who is 94, and really cherished the time we spent together.  I made lots of things with my dad and felt so much support from my family. Bryn and I hosted Thanksgiving for my entire family and everyone praised Bryn’s turkey. The best part of the year was all of the little things that felt so big in every moment because I got to do them with her.

I watched so many old friends become new parents while others met their perfect match. I reconnected with past clients to photograph their growing families (and acquired a real bad case of baby fever in the process).  I was able to photograph gorgeous weddings and met some super cute couples anxiously awaiting to marry their best friends in the new year. I feel that I really fell in love with photography again through documenting life and love. It felt really important and fulfilling and creative. I am really looking forward to an upcoming year of thoughtful image making. I am so so so  grateful for the people let me into their lives and who share their stories with me .  I’m in the process of setting goals and intentions for 2018; cultivating those skills that feel underdeveloped is at the forefront.  I feel really ready for professional and personal growth.

Here are a few favorites from the year in no particular order